The future is freight intelligence

Real-Time Answers with Real-World Data

Tap into trusted capacity.
Stamp out double brokering.

Our real-time data on all trucks in America helps you find the right capacity at the right time. Focus on growing your customer base – we’ll always have your back with trusted capacity.

Stop the endless calls.
Get real-time locations.

Where are your trucks? What are your preferred lanes? Sound familiar? Stop the madness. Your TMS is just begging for real-time location data without the calls, apps, or ELD integrations.

See the ground truth.
Own the roads.

GenLogs applies AI to a nationwide network of sensors, commercial and open-source datasets to track the real-time flow of freight and trucking patterns. We have data on every truck and trailer on the roads.
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Whether you are a 3PL, Broker, Shipper, Carrier, or Insurer, get ready to have your operations supercharged with the foundational freight intelligence platform!

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Our team

We take pride in our team of experts dedicated to the success of your business. Meet the individuals behind our exceptional service:
Ryan Joyce
Ryan Joyce

Co-founder, CEO

Joe Sherman
Joe Sherman

Co-founder, CTO

Blake Balch
Blake Balch

Co-founder, Partnerships

Our investors

Our investors are more than just financiers; they are essential partners in our journey.
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